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It's a friendship. They stand up for us - we stand up for them. And most of all, they have taught us to stand up for ourselves. So stand up fucking tall, support us and fight the good fight.

"Are MCR dangerous? They wear black, their music is dark. Worried parents and overjealous journalists see in My Chemical Romance a danger. They reproach the band with advising their fans to commit suicide on their new CD "The Black Parade". But the singer Gerard Way gets the reproach straight: "People, who claim this, haven't got anything. We want that people decide to live."

You need to open your eyes. There have been kids and adults for a long time that cut and now it's being attached to the term "Emo". This is a sad world, there's war, violence, drugs and so many other other bad things, and still media thinks kids cut because of "emo" music. You really need to open your eyes. It's something deeper - Kids have problems at home, they're being bullied at school, their parent's don't have faith in them - THAT is what's depressing them.

Stereotyping My Chemical Romance as a band that promotes self-harm/suicide, is incredibly offensive to us and them. It's lazy on the part of adults and critics who, instead of admitting that maybe they haven't been there for their kids, choose a scapegoat instead. Kids don't self-harm because some band tells them to, they don't self-harm because they are emo and think that's the right thing to do. That's something parents, adults and the wider world need to know and respect.
It's not the bands that make kids suicidal, it's the depressed kids that lean on music and find only comfort in their life in it. Depressed kids don't want to listen to Britney Spears (nothing against her), they want to listen to something that they can relate to. Sometimes music is the only thing that kids can trust to in this world. Music makes life meaningful for others, it makes kids feel like they have a purpose and like they have a reason to live. And they do. Every one of us has every right to be in this world. We have the right to stand up for the things that mean a lot to us. We have the right to stand up for our rights. We have the right to dye our hair black without hearing from others that we're emo. We have the right to listen to My Chemical Romance without everyone thinking we slit our wrists. We have the right to let a band effect our lives without other people considering it a cliché. These are our rights. Rights that every people should have without having to fight for them.

Kids are being labeled as "emos" by media and that is what's depressing them. Emo wasn't anything big until media really started to fight against it.

Media is raising an generation that can watch movies with violence killing in them and download as much porn on their computer as they want to, but have to be "rescued" by censoring words like "gun" and "shirt" from music videos. Media is producing movies and tv-shows with raw violence in them, making kids believe that if anything bad happens, they'll get it sorted by stealing a gun and taking away someone else's life, or their own.

It's producing porn that creates pressure on kids that find it hard to fit in 'cause they aren't skinny enough. Magazines with superskinny models in them, magazines that have made society so wrong with the picture of being pretty and beautiful. Kids with freckles, glasses, braces and those sort of things want to get rid of them because of those pictures in the magazines. Rid of the things that personality is about! Kids judge each other by the way that they look like. If you are not Ana Carolina Reston, you are fat. If you don't have the perfect face like Kelly Clarkson, you're ugly. If you don't have boobs of Pamela Anderson, you're a boy.

Naturality is a rare quality, we only want to be ourselves. Listen to the music we like and dress the way we want to. Are these our crimes that we actually have to get punished for? Media is trying to crush and ruin our identity and blame us for trying to be something else. For what? Money? I don't know. Music and genuine bands like My Chemical Romance is the only breathingslot for for many people and media is trying to convince parents about those bands being a bad thing?

Instead of fighting against emo and the bands you think are related to it, how about having a little faith with the new generation? "Emo" is something media has ruined, and it's the media that's killing the new generation. There will be a time when when you aren't here anymore, there is only the generation that are now labeled as "emos". Have faith in those kids, because right now the bands that you try to destroy, are the only thing that do have faith that generation.

My Chemical Romance has always cared for their fans and wanted to change the world - make it a better place. They are against violence, against self-mutilation, against suicide, against cutting, against homophoby, against war, against all these things that the growing generation is afraid of. And media is trying to label My Chemical Romance as a band that is a big harm to everyone. We might not be want you want us to be, but that's okay. We are what we want to be. We are ourselves. Even though our teachers, friends and family don't always have faith in us, My Chemical Romance has, they stick by our side. They teach us, they make us stronger, they fill us with hope. We won't let the media take that bond away from us.

This project is us standing up for the fact that we're okay. We don't want to fight, this project is just our side od the story, that we leave out for interpretation. We might wear black, go to concerts and listen to rock - that doesn't make us bad people. That's just our way to get through life.

The more media says My Chemical Romance is bad,
the more we prove media wrong.